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 27/07/2011 18:35:38Regatta Fleet SIs  download
 25/07/2011 09:06:40Instructions for RIBs on arriving at North Berwick  download
 19/07/2011 13:12:51National Championships - Layout of Dinghy Park  download
 19/07/2011 13:10:59National Championships - Competitors Handbook (NB: this is a 1MB download)  download
19/07/2011 11:53:39National Championships - Prescriptions - applying Championship Number to hull  download
 19/07/2011 11:53:03National Championships - Prescriptions  download
 19/07/2011 11:52:34National Championships - Course Card  download
 19/07/2011 11:51:55National Championships - Supplementary Sailing Instructions  download
 19/07/2011 11:51:19National Championships - Major Event Sailing Instructions  download
 19/07/2011 11:48:18National Championships - Notice of Race  download
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