Video: Round up of the week

Video: Round up of the week

10/4/2010 11:26

Event Director Duncan Truswell sums up a successful RYA Volvo Youth Nationals plus selectors Sarah Webb OBE and Ben Oakley on their role



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Fri 15:16Update from Twitter - The prize giving has finished and it was a great way to end the week! Thanks to all the competitors and helpers who made this a great event! Twitter/
Fri 13:36Update from Twitter - Well done to everyone who competed this week! Those who have been selected for the World's squad will find out after the prize giving!! Twitter/
Fri 13:34Update from Twitter - Spitfires Final Result: Adam Butler and Nikki Boniface won the Spitfire class Twitter/
Fri 13:34Update from Twitter - RS:X Final Result: Izzy Hamilton was first girl, and Sam Sills first boy and winner overall Twitter/
Fri 13:33Update from Twitter - Laser Standard Final Result: Eifion Mon was the overall winner this week! Twitter/
Fri 13:32Update from Twitter - 29er's Final Results: Henry Lloyd Williams and Sam Batten were the top boys this week, and Philippa Gray and Joanna Lucas top girls Twitter/
Fri 13:31Update from Twitter - Laser Radial Final Results: Cameron Douglas finished first boy, and Sophie McKeeman first girl Twitter/
Fri 13:31Update from Twitter - 420's Top Girls are Joanna Freeman and Hannah Mitchell Twitter/
Fri 13:30Update from Twitter - 420's Winning Boys are Mike Wood and Hugh Brayshaw!! Well done! Twitter/
Fri 13:27Update from Twitter - All racing was cancelled today due to lack of wind... Watch this space for all the results! Twitter/
Fri 13:27Update from Twitter - Hi Kathy, sorry it has been a bit of a waiting game today! Twitter/
Fri 12:59Well that's it for another year - The wind did grace us with its presence for 4 out of the 5 days but today it has been a bit elusive although the sun has made it a pleasant day to be sitting around. Hope you all enjoyed it and see you next year. 
Fri 10:21Wind Speed Update - N O T H I N G ! ! ! 
Fri 9:51We have Sunshine - Well it's a lovely morning for sun bathing but we have zero wind. Mark layers are currently reporting 0 knots even in the bay. We tried asking what directiion but we didn't get an answer!! 
Fri 8:48Good Morning - The sun is trying hard to break through, the wind speed is currently only 2-3 knots in the bay and the data from the wall is very similar so we are just hoping for it to pick up so we can get you all sailing. 
Fri 8:41Update from Twitter - We are still waiting for the wind to come in here in Weymouth... Fingers crossed! Twitter/
Fri 7:58Update from Twitter - Good morning from everyone here in Weymouth! Another lovely day here, 2-3 knots of wind, hoping it picks up soon! Twitter/
Thu 18:30Volunteers thank you party - This will now take place at 19.30 at Portland House 
Thu 18:2End of Racing for Today - The boats are all on their way ashore after another day of exciting racing. Which after a late start due to lack of wind has given some good racing. See you all tomorrow for the final day. 
Thu 17:18Spitfires - Racing has been abandoned for today and they are returning ashore 
Thu 17:16Laser Standards - Racing has been abandoned for today 
Thu 17:12Laser Std - R9 AP'd resetting course 
Thu 17:11Laser Std - 17:15 Start for Lasers on a Black flag 
Thu 17:9RSX - RSX Have finished racing for today and are making their way ashore 
Thu 17:5Laser std - 17:05 R9 General Recall 
Thu 16:56420 - R11 start 16:55 All clear 
Thu 16:53Laser Radial Silver - R12 Started 16:53 All clear 
Thu 16:52Update from Twitter - Course C: With all the boats finished they start the slow trip home. Twitter/
Thu 16:42RSX - R12 GBR60 first to windward mark 
Thu 16:39Update from Twitter - 420s: Provisional results Craig Dibb and Charlie Cox first, Joanna Freeman and Hannah Mitchell third Issy Hamilton and Hannah Jones Twitter/
Thu 16:38Update from Twitter - Radial: Silver fleet R12 all finished Twitter/
Thu 16:37Update from Twitter - Course C: Laser and Spitfire fleets are heading home as the wind goes away while the 420s start to finish Twitter/
Thu 16:37RSX - R12 Started at 16:36 All Clear 
Thu 16:34Lasder Radial Silver - R12 General recall 
Thu 16:25RSX - R12 Scheduled for 16:36 
Thu 16:24Update from Twitter - Radials: Silver fleet R12 leaders rounding windward mark Twitter/
Thu 16:17End of Racing for today for 29er's - 29er's have completed 3 races today and are making their way ashore 
Thu 16:15Update from Twitter - Radials: Silver fleet R12 leaders choosing left hand gate Twitter/
Thu 16:15Laser Radial Gold - R12 Started at 16:17 General Recall 
Thu 16:13Update from Twitter - Radial: Gold fleet are heading in Twitter/
Thu 16:2RSX - RSX released at 16:01 
Thu 16:0Spitfires - R10 Started at 16:00 1 individual recall 
Thu 15:51RSX - Expected Release at 16:00 
Thu 15:50Laser Std - R8 Laser Started 15:50 All Clear 
Thu 15:4829er - R14 Start at 15:50 All Clear 3 Laps 
Thu 15:37420 - R10 Started at 15:40 All Clear start 
Thu 15:28Laser Radial Silver - R11 Start 15:28 All Clear 
Thu 15:17Laser Radial - R11 Gold Start 15:18 all clear 
Thu 15:529er - R13 started at 15:05 All clear 
Thu 14:4429er - R13 Expected start at 15:05 3 Laps There is a protest for R12 
Thu 14:4329er - R13 will be a 3 lap race 
Thu 14:34Spitfire - 14:35 R9 Started all clear 3 lap race 
Thu 14:3429er - First 29er Around Mk1 1754 
Thu 14:24Laser Radials - Start R10 at 14:22 All Clear 
Thu 14:1729er - R12 started at 14:20 2 boats OCS but both returned - This is a 2 lap race 
Thu 14:16420 - R9 started at 14:15 with 2 individual recalls - This is a 3 lap race 
Thu 14:629er - R12 Scheduled for 14:20  
Thu 14:5Laser Radial - R10 General Recall 
Thu 14:1Laser Radial - Tracking is live for a start at 14:05  
Thu 13:47Laser Radial - Scheduled start for 14:05  
Thu 13:4429er - 29er's have been released 
Thu 13:36RSX - R11 First RSX around Mk1 GBR422 
Thu 13:35RSX - R11 Started 13:35 All Clear 
Thu 13:26RSX - RSX may race again after the 29er's 
Thu 13:23RSX - R11 due to start in less than 10 minutes will be another 2 Lap race 
Thu 13:2229er - 29er's can now tally 
Thu 13:21RSX - R11 for the RSX scheduled start to be 13:35 
Thu 13:7Wind speed in Bay - Wind speed in the bay is being report as 8 to 9 knots 
Thu 13:629er - Current intention is to release at 1:40 
Thu 12:50RSX - R10 away at 12:50 All clear start 

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  • Sunday sunny intervals Max Temp: 20°C (68°F) Max Temp: 20°C (68°F) Wind Direction: W Wind Speed: 10mph
  • Monday white cloud Max Temp: 19°C (66°F) Max Temp: 19°C (66°F) Wind Direction: WNW Wind Speed: 10mph
  • Tuesday light rain Max Temp: 19°C (66°F) Max Temp: 19°C (66°F) Wind Direction: SSE Wind Speed: 15mph

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